Welcoming to Jabar Teacher Chatter Episode 36. Bismillah, mohon izin Ysh. Bapak Ibu menyampaikan *Jabar Teacher Chatter* Episode 36. Mohon perkenannya untuk meneruskan informasi tersebut ke Bapak Ibu Guru di wilayahnya masing-masing.
Hatur nuhun.

Welcoming to JTC 36th Episode

We’re approaching the end of year
A new year, a new beginning
It’s time to reflect on our journey
And start planning our resolutions for next year

So, let’s unmute your mic and talk about your experience, with Jabar Teacher Chatter (JTC), an event where you can speak English without fear or anxiety.

On the topic of : Share Your 2021 Resolutions

Febriandrini K., ST.., MIB
SMP Lazuardi Al Falah

Anwar, M.Pd
SMK Daarussa’adah

Garmita Febriani Widaningsih S.Si
SMA Dwiwana Bording School

So, please join us on
Thursday, 10th of December 2020, 19.30 – 21.00 WIB
šŸ”— Meeting link : https://bit.ly/JTC_Room1
šŸ”¢ Meeting ID : 977 0502 7703
šŸ—ļø Meeting password : 032649

Looking forward to hearing you in the session!!

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