Kunci Jawaban Kelas 10 Semester 1 Latihan Soal UTS PTS Bahasa Inggris 2021 Bagian 1. Dalam artikel ini akan dipaparkan kunci jawaban latihan soal UTS PTS Bahasa Inggris kelas 10 dari nomor 1 – 5 PG.

Berikut ini adalah latihan soal UTS PTS Bahasa Inggris kelas 10 semester 1 2021 untuk kurikulum 2013 beserta kunci jawaban, bagian 1.

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Kunci Jawaban Kelas 10 Semester 1 Latihan Soal UTS PTS Bahasa Inggris 2021 Bagian 1

Kunci Jawaban ini dibuat untuk membantu adik-adik dalam berlatih dan bersiap menghadapi penilaian akhir semester UTS PTS Bahasa Inggris kelas 10 pada semester 1. Sehingga kalian diharapkan dapat menyelesaikannya dengan benar.

Hi, my name is Sebastian Ryan, I was born in Bandung, West Java, but my whole family moved to Jakarta when I was five. So I grew up there.

I graduated from middle school about two years and I am currently attanding a high school in my city. 

I am a junior and I am interested in social science, especially economics. I also have a guitar course.

My life is really busy, but I enjoy listening to the music, reading, hiking, and hanging out with my friends in my free time.

I like playing skateboard as well. I always go skateboarding in the park next to the museum.

When I graduate, I want to work for a company in this city.

1. What is sport Sebastian likes to do in his free time?

a. Hiking
b. Listening to the music
c. Camping
d. Jogging
e. Playing basketball

Answer: a

2. Where does Sebastian go skateboarding?
a. Near his father company
b. Near his house
c. Near his guitar school
d. Near the museum
e. Near his school

Answer: d

Hi there, let me introduce myself. My name is Rebecca Evelyn and I am 15 years old from Queens Town Singapore.

By the way, I really like to read and write. J. K. Rowling is one of my favorite author. I like poetry and I have a somewhat unhealthy obsession with music. I like alternative, rock, and pop. Linkin Park and Coldplay are two of my favourites band. My favourite colour is purple.

I have a big family and I love eating. I am looking to write to anybody. I don’t care where you are from and as long as you are between the ages of fifteen to twenty one. I tend to write a lot though.
So, if you are interested, shoot me an email here: or you can just send me a message in my box.

3. What kind of music does Rebecca really like?
a. Alternative, rock, and pop
b. Alternative, reggae, and pop
c. Alternative, keroncong, and pop
d. Alternative, jazz, and hip-hop
e. Reggae, rock, and dangdut

Answer: a

4. Where does Rebecca come from?
a. Indonesia

b. Singapore
c. Philipine
d. Malaysia
e. England

Answer: b

5. Who is her favourite author?
a. Stephen King
b. Stephenie Meyer
c. Jackie Collins
d. J. K Rowling
e. Merry Riana

Answer: d

Itulah pembahasan latihan soal UTS PTS Bahasa Inggris kelas 10 semester 1 2021 untuk kurikulum 2013.

Semoga artikel ini dapat membantu adik-adik dalam berlatih menjawab soal PTS semester 1 nanti.

Kunci Jawaban Kelas 10 Semester 1 Latihan Soal UTS PTS Bahasa Inggris 2021 Bagian 1

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